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    Operating Systems Interview Questions & Answers

    Below we have listed all the Operating Systems Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Operating Systems Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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    Subcategories for Operating Systems Interview Questions - The following are sub categories for which Interview Questions are available under this category. Please select the appropriate sub-category:

    Android Interview Questions (129)

    Internet Interview Questions (130)

    IP-Masquerading Interview Questions (12)

    IPC Interview Questions (38)

    Linux Interview Questions (427)

    Mac OS Interview Questions (77)

    MS-DOS Interview Questions (127)

    Shell Scripting Interview Questions (195)

    Solaris Admin Interview Questions (344)

    Symbian Interview Questions (40)

    UNIX Interview Questions (294)

    Unix Commands Interview Questions (89)

    Unix Programming Interview Questions (71)

    Window Server 2000/2003/2008 Interview Questions (123)

    Windows 98/2k/XP/Vista/7 Interview Questions (157)

    Windows and Unix Interview Questions (150)

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    Why paging is used?
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    What is fragmentation? Different types of fragmentation?
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    What is multi-user operating system?
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    What is difference between NTFS & FAT32?
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    What is the difference Xp and Windows 2000??
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    What is Multitasking operating system?
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    What is the difference between Hard and Soft real-time systems?
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    What is meant by arm-stickiness?
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    What is a binary semaphore? What is its use?
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    Advantages and disadvantages of windows and Linux os, what is the reason for using linux os than windows os.
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    What happens, when Interrupt occurs? choose the right answer from the following.. a) CPU completes the current instruction, save the context and then jumps to new instruction. b) CPU save the context of incomplete instruction and jump to new instruction. c) CPU jumps to new instruction only if it has higher priority than current one. d) CPU completes all the instructions in current process before jumping to instruction of another process.
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    When Blue Screen Error will occur in computer?
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    Difference between win xp,win 2000 professional?
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    What is the functions of MS Terminal Server/ Metaframe XP (Citrix)to network connection? 2. What is theFrame Relay, MPLS, VoIP/QoS,IIS and WINS in Telecommunications?
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    What is Throughput, Turnaround time, waiting time and Response time?
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    In the context of memory management, what are placement and replacement algorithms?
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    What is a data register and address register?
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    List out some reasons for process termination
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    What is difference between Global catalog and infrastructure master?
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    Describe the Buddy system of memory allocation
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