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    Certifications Interview Questions & Answers

    Below we have listed all the Certifications Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Certifications Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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    Subcategories for Certifications Interview Questions - The following are sub categories for which Interview Questions are available under this category. Please select the appropriate sub-category:

    Check Point Certification Exams Interview Questions (101)

    CISCO Certification Exams Interview Questions (161)

    CIW Certification Exams Interview Questions (79)

    IBM Certification Exams Interview Questions (102)

    Microsoft Certification Exams Interview Questions (110)

    Novell Certification Exams Interview Questions (44)

    Oracle Certification Interview Questions (124)

    PMI Certification Exams Interview Questions (68)

    Red Hat Certification Exams Interview Questions (59)

    S/W Quality AssuranceCertification Interview Questions (84)

    Sun Certified Java Developer Interview Questions (51)

    Sybase Certification Exams Interview Questions (151)

    Testing Certification Interview Questions (28)


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    Which of these is Therapeutic listening? a.Directed at selecting specific pieces of information and not entire communication. b.Designed to get a complete message with minimal distortion. c.The listener is sympathetic to listener?s point of view. d.The listener is performing an analysis of what speaker said.
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    Given the following code, which is true about the minimum number of test cases required for full statement and branch coverage: Read P Read Q IF P+Q > 100 THEN Print ?Large? ENDIF If P > 50 THEN Print ?P Large? ENDIF A. 1 test for statement coverage, 3 for branch coverage B. 1 test for statement coverage, 2 for branch coverage C. 1 test for statement coverage, 1 for branch coverage D. 2 tests for statement coverage, 3 for branch coverage E. 2 tests for statement coverage, 2 for branch coverage
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