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    Languages Interview Questions & Answers

    Below we have listed all the Languages Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Languages Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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    Subcategories for Languages Interview Questions - The following are sub categories for which Interview Questions are available under this category. Please select the appropriate sub-category:

    C Interview Questions (436)

    C++ Interview Questions (342)

    CGI Programming Interview Questions (104)

    Delphi Interview Questions (88)

    Fortran Interview Questions (67)

    ILU Interview Questions (23)

    Lisp Programming Interview Questions (48)

    Pascal Interview Questions (45)

    Perl Interview Questions (99)

    PHP Interview Questions (262)

    Ruby Interview Questions (70)

    Signature Interview Questions (20)

    UML Interview Questions (89)

    VBA Interview Questions (77)

    Windows Programing Interview Questions (139)

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    What is the purpose of semicolon in c?
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    How to create Crystal Report in Visual Basic 6.0
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    How to convert decimal to binary and its formula?
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    How type of questions asked in campus interview? please tell me.
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    What are the differences between malloc() and calloc()? What are macros? what are its advantages and disadvantages?
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    write aprogram 2 convert lower case 2 upper case like "hello world!" the cout will be "HELLO WORLD!"?
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    What is the purpose of the semicolon(;) in languages?
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    What is Thread ? (VC++) What is the difference between Cmutex and Csemaphone?
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    What are the major differences between C, C++, JAVA?
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    void main() { int i=20;j=35,x,y; x= y++ + x++; y= ++y + ++x; printf(" %d %d" , x,y); } /* please tell me the value of x and y at each and every moment. i dont need the answer but the explanation of the anamolus behavior of increment expression.*/
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    What is profiling in c or c++?and what is rtdi?is it part of c or c++?
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    Which is the most powerful programing language and why?
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    What is LPCTSTR? What does LP denote it?
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    Write a c++ program that : 1) takes students name,reg no.,date of birth,gender,course 2)stores them in appropriate data structures 3) takes in there marks for CATs and exam 4) computes there respective grades 5)generate there result slip showing :showing student name,age,.reg no.,course,,units, done,grades for each unit,overall grade and a commend on the overall grade
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    Write a c program without using any semicolon which output will : Hello word.
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    Write a c program to find size of structure without using sizeof operator ?
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    What is size of void pointer ?
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    int x=5; printf("%d",++x + ++x); output is 14 instead of 13 why?please explain in detail?
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    What are merits and demerits of array in c?
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    What is difference between pass by value and pass by reference ?
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