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    Accounts Interview Questions & Answers

    Below we have listed all the Accounts Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Accounts Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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    Subcategories for Accounts Interview Questions - The following are sub categories for which Interview Questions are available under this category. Please select the appropriate sub-category:

    Accounting Interview Questions (419)

    Accounts Payable Interview Questions (114)

    Accounts Receivables Interview Questions (72)

    Banking Interview Questions Interview Questions (60)

    Cashier banking Interview Questions (14)

    Cost Accounting Interview Questions Interview Questions (65)

    Deposit account Interview Questions (31)

    Finance Interview Questions (157)

    Fixed Assets Interview Questions Interview Questions (53)

    General Ledger Interview Questions Interview Questions (190)

    Payroll Interview Questions Interview Questions (18)

    Personal account Interview Questions (23)

    Retail Interview Questions (86)

    Sweep account Interview Questions (12)

    Taxation Interview Questions (69)

    Transactional account Interview Questions (23)

    User Account Interview Questions (20)

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    What is meant by RTGS?
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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of B-star trees over Binary trees?
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    Explain the accounts payable cycle.
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    Why do you want to be an accountant?
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    What is the use of Delivery Note?
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    You are creating a high level class diagram for your solution. You need to add one or more business entities to the diagram. Which entity or entities should you add? (Choose all that apply) A. Task time B. Pop-up window C. Project D. Lawyer E. Client F. Task description G. Time entry
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    What is the difference between Billable and Non-Billable Expenses?
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    Describe any accounting process that you have developed or revised.
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    What are two recommended ways of protecting network device configuration files from outside network security threats? (Choose two.) A. Allow unrestricted access to the console or VTY ports. B. Use a firewall to restrict access from the outside to the network devices. C. Always use Telnet to access the device command line because its data is automatically encrypted. D. Use SSH or another encrypted and authenticated transport to access device configurations. E. Prevent the loss of passwords by disabling password encryption.
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    What do you mean by WCC?
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    What are the types of accounts?
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    What accounts payable applications are your familiar with?
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    What qualities have you got that would make you a good accountant?
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    What are steps to define supplier?
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    What are the qualities that make for a good accountant?
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    What is the difference between Debenture and Preference share ?
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    Tell me about an invoice discrepancy you discovered and how you resolved it?
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    Other accounting interview questions to expect when you interview for an accountancy job include:
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    A strong name consists of the assembly's identity its simple text name, version number, and culture information (if provided) plus a public key and a digital signature. It is generated from an assembly file (the file that contains the assembly manifest, which in turn contains the names and hashes of all the files that make up the assembly), using the corresponding private key. Assemblies with the same strong name are expected to be identical. Strong names guarantee name uniqueness by relying on unique key pairs. No one can generate the same assembly name that you can, because an assembly generated with one private key has a different name than an assembly generated with another private key. When you reference a strong-named assembly, you expect to get certain benefits, such as versioning and naming protection. If the strong-named assembly then references an assembly with a simple name, which does not have these benefits, you lose the benefits you would derive from using a strong-named assembly and revert to DLL conflicts. Therefore, strong-named assemblies can only reference other strong-named assemblies. There are two ways to sign an assembly with a strong name: 1. Using the Assembly Linker (Al.exe) provided by the .NET Framework SDK. 2. Using assembly attributes to insert the strong name information in your code. You can use either the AssemblyKeyFileAttribute or the AssemblyKeyNameAttribute, depending T
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    Purchasing cost Rs.100/- Depreciation Rs.80/-Book Value Rs. 20/- Sald at Rs.120/- How to pass one single entry in the books of accounts
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