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    Question :
    What motivates you to do your best on the job?

    Category HR Interview Questions
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    Added on 7/29/2006
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    First of all i am a workohlic and i cannot sit idle.So the motivation to do the best work comes to me naturally.But if asked what actually motivates me then i would say its the Satisfaction that i get after a whole day of work that keeps me going.

    Hungry for success. Try to learning new everyday from Work from senior or from juniors.

    Posted by: Satyajit Chakraborty    

    Contact Satyajit Chakraborty Contact Satyajit Chakraborty

    interest in job extracts best out of me.

    Posted by: khursheed alam    

    Contact khursheed alam Contact khursheed alam

    the only quote which live in my mind is..QUEST FOR PERFECTION..
    crossing one hurdle then another in search to be a perfectionist is my driving force..

    Posted by: SARYU    

    Contact SARYU Contact SARYU

    First of all i get bored of sitting idle with no work in hand and second thing is that i want to drive towards the goals which i have set so i want to work hard also my positive attitude motivates me to do my best on job.

    Posted by: Prachi    

    Contact Prachi Contact Prachi

    I feel that gud job means where you find gud culture nd gud working environment nd which u do satisfactorily. i would like to say that i m highly motivated by my confidence.

    Posted by: shilpi agrawal    

    Contact shilpi agrawal Contact shilpi agrawal

    The Two things which Motivates me are
    1) Work Stisfication
    2) Nature

    Posted by: Umesh Dubal    

    Contact Umesh Dubal Contact Umesh Dubal

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