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    Question :
    can anyone tell me what happens when the graph run? i.e The Co-operating System will be at the host, We are running the graph at some other place. How the Co-operating System interprets with Native OS?

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    Added on 7/25/2006
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    when ever you press Run button on your GDE,the GDE genarates a script

    and the genarated script will be transfered to your host which is specified in to your GDE run settings. then the Co>operating system interprets this script and executes the script on different mechins(if required) as a sub process(threads),after compleation of each sub process,these sub_processes will return status code to main process this main process in tern returns error or sucess code of the job to GDE

    When ever you press Run button on your GDE, the GDE generates a script

    and the generated script will be transferred to your host which is specified in to your GDE run settings. This script is the deployed-Script of the graph. Then the Co>operating system interprets this script and executes the script on different machines (if required) as a sub process (threads). This is called the ?Launcher Process?. The execution flow of the graph is maintained by the ?Agent Process?. The Agent Process controls the component execution. The component execution is the ?Component Process?. After completion of each sub process, these sub-processes will return status code to main process this main process in tern returns error or success code of the job to GDE.

    Posted by: Tushar Vetal    

    Contact Tushar Vetal Contact Tushar Vetal

    Co>op system converts the Ab Initio specified code into the format,which Unix/windows can understand and feeds it to native OS,which carries out the task.

    Posted by: harshini    

    Contact harshini Contact harshini

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