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    Question :
    The full form of JDBC is _________________

    Category JDBC Interview Questions
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    Added on 7/13/2006
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    JDBC is a service technology.It doesn't contain any acronym or full form.Most of the people mentions that jdbc means java database connectivity,but it is false....

    I want explain it with real time example. Just like "NEWS".Many people says that meaning,abbreviation of NEWS is
    S-SOUTH...But it is not correct..
    In order to understand its sense we use like that....
    News is nothing but "A report of recent occurences; information of something that has lately taken place, or of something before unknown; fresh tindings; recent intelligence".
    So most of the people says that "JDBC stands for Java Data Base Connectivity",in order to understand its usage.But it is a SERVICE TECHNOLOGY .Service Technology doesn't contain any abbreviations..
    Hence,there is no abbreviations for "JDBC".It is a "SERVICE TECHNOLOGY"

    Posted by: Rakesh    

    Contact Rakesh Contact Rakesh

    It is right the jdbc is acronym of java database connectivity because we really connect java to its database.

    Posted by: Sandeep khandelwal    

    Contact Sandeep khandelwal Contact Sandeep khandelwal

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