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    Question :
    How long do you want to stay with us?
    Category General Interview Questions
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    Added on 7/7/2005
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    As long as both of us benefit

    AS long as the job is responsible and respectable one.

    Posted by: Hasan Mohiuddin Farooqi    

    Contact Hasan Mohiuddin Farooqi Contact Hasan Mohiuddin Farooqi

    as long as i have a challenging environment and have a upgrade in my position.

    Posted by: bindu    

    Contact bindu Contact bindu

    As long as both of us benefit.As long as job is respectable,challenging and I will enjoy the work.

    Posted by: Kapil Mittal    

    Contact Kapil Mittal Contact Kapil Mittal

    if both of us benefit with the job

    Posted by: sonal    

    Contact sonal Contact sonal

    As long as working with the company adds value to my profile and gives me a better exposure in my carrier

    Posted by: k.kishore    

    Contact k.kishore Contact k.kishore

    i am looking for long relationship....i look for good environment and job satisfaction
    as long as its there i m comfortable ....not of those can easily leave and set in another one
    specially after spending considerable amount of time here
    As long as both of us benefit
    AS long as the job is responsible and respectable one.

    Posted by: Sanghvi Tarak    

    Contact Sanghvi Tarak Contact Sanghvi Tarak

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