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    Question :
    why do u choose banking sector?

    Posted by: suresh on 10/21/2011

    Contact suresh Contact suresh
    Category Banking Interview Questions Interview Questions
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    Added on 10/21/2011
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    banking sector is secure to do job.
    the growth in banking sector is high.
    it provides a privilege to banker..

    Posted by: gaurav joshi    

    Contact gaurav joshi Contact gaurav joshi

    Banking sector has evolved tremendously in the past
    decade.It is not just limited to its basic role of lending
    money n taking deposits.this scope has been widened.There
    has been develpoment of adequate professional management
    and modern managerial techniques and practices in
    banking.Banking operations now also serve a large social
    Such highly evolved booming as well as challenging sector
    requires upbeat and enthusiastic workers with strong
    interpersonal skills

    Posted by: Girish Kumar Maurya    

    Contact Girish Kumar Maurya Contact Girish Kumar Maurya

    Banking sector is one of the rapidly growing sector n there
    are lots of opportunities to grow our career in this field.
    in today's age banking does not mean just to lend or
    deposit the money, it is something more beyond that and
    also it is being considered as an good job.

    Posted by: manoj kumar    

    Contact manoj kumar Contact manoj kumar

    Im a Arts Graduate. So i Did not go to Multinational Sectors. So I decided for Join the Banking Industry. Because Most of the Banks Have opened a new Branch in Foreign countries. So i easly go to foreign for Banking Services.

    Posted by: P. Venkatachalapathy.MBA    

    Contact P. Venkatachalapathy.MBA Contact P. Venkatachalapathy.MBA

    Im a bechlor computer of application student.but i did not go i decided for join the banking industry..because banking sector is very secure for women' that's why i want to join the this sector........

    Posted by: pooja mishra    

    Contact pooja mishra Contact pooja mishra

    Im a bechlor computer of application student.but i did not go i decided for join the banking industry..because banking sector is very secure for women' that's why i want to join the this sector........

    Posted by: pooja mishra    

    Contact pooja mishra Contact pooja mishra

    sir, i ve decided my carrier in banking sector bcos it has more carrier opportunities in this sector and it gives social status.beyond that by working in a bank we are actually indirectly contributing to our nation

    Posted by: shaniba    

    Contact shaniba Contact shaniba

    banking sector is the one thing to serve the people in this generation thats way i choose banking sector

    Posted by: naresh    

    Contact naresh Contact naresh

    I chosen banking sector because of it gives job security with growth also banking sector achive great growth in short time. Hence it is good for job & mostly I am interested in bank.

    Posted by: sandeep waghmare    

    Contact sandeep waghmare Contact sandeep waghmare

    sir i belongs to middle class family. so i have no more money for high lable i choose banking sector.

    Posted by: ronit raj    

    Contact ronit raj Contact ronit raj

    its a friendly environment where i can learn and teach more about econimic,dealing with cash and many would be like a very important job in a would be like that im in a commercial class,
    i like this type of environment so i would love to join banking sector.

    Posted by: allen    

    Contact allen Contact allen

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