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    Question :

    A wiper is the sliding contact in a
    A. switch
    B. photoconductive cell
    C. thermistor
    D. potentiometer

    Category Electrical & Electronics Engineering(EEE) Interview Questions
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    Added on 6/17/2011
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    Option D


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    Posted by: akash    

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    If there is 6 A of current through the filament of a lamp, how many coulombs of charge move through the filament in 1.75 s?
    A. 10.5 C
    B. 105 C
    C. 3.4 C
    D. 34 C
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    A multimeter measures
    A. current
    B. voltage
    C. resistance
    D. current, voltage, and resistance
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    A material that does not allow current under normal conditions is a(n)
    A. insulator B. conductor
    C. semiconductor D. valence
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    he colored bands for a 4,700 ohm resistor with a ten percent tolerance are
    A. yellow, violet, red, gold
    B. yellow, violet, orange, gold
    C. yellow, violet, red, silver
    D. orange, violet, red, silver
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    When the current is 2.5 A, how many coulombs pass a point in 0.2 s?
    A. 12.5 C
    B. 1.25 C
    C. 0.5 C
    D. 5 C
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    Eight-tenths coulomb passes a point in 4 s. The current in amperes is
    A. 1.6 A
    B. 16 A
    C. 2 A
    D. 0.2 Ae
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    A two-terminal variable resistor is known as a
    A. potentiometer B. thermistor
    C. rheostat D. wiper
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    A thermistor is a type of
    A. switch
    B. resistor
    C. battery
    D. power supply
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    Electrons in the outer orbit are called
    A. nuclei B. valences
    C. waves D. shells
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    The conductance of an 8 ohm resistance is
    A. 12.5 mS
    B. 8 mS
    C. 12 S
    D. 125 mS
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    When placed close together, two positively charged materials will
    A. attract
    B. become neutral
    C. become negative
    D. repel
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    Which of the following is not a type of energy source?
    A. generator
    B. rheostat
    C. solar cell
    D. battery
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    The minimum resistance value for a blue, gray, red, silver resistor is
    A. 612
    B. 6,120
    C. 6,800
    D. 6,460
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    Current flows in a circuit when
    A.a switch is opened
    B. a switch is closed
    C.the switch is either open or closed
    D. there is no voltageCurrent flows in a circuit when
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    The unit of electrical charge is the
    A. coulomb B. joule
    C. volt D. watt
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    Materials with lots of free electrons are called
    A.conductors B. insulators
    C. semiconductors D. filters
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    A transformer has a 1:6 turns ratio and a secondary coil load resistance of 470 . The load resistance as seen by the source is
    A. 1.3
    B. 7.8
    C. 78
    D. 13
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    What is the coefficient of coupling for a transformer in which 4% of the total flux generated in the primary does not pass through the secondary?
    A. 0.4 B. 4
    C. 9.6 D. 0.96
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    When a 6 V battery is connected across the primary of a transformer with a turns ratio of 8, the secondary voltage is
    A. 0 V
    B. 6 V
    C. 48 V
    D. 0.75 V
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    In a certain transformer, the input power to the primary is 120 W. If 8.5 W are lost to the winding resistance, what is the output power to the load, neglecting any other issues?
    A. 0 W
    B. 14.1 W
    C. 111.5 W
    D. 1,020 W
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