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    Question :
    What is the bubble short ?

    Posted by: Tejendra yadav on 2/13/2011

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    Category Data Structure Interview Questions
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    Added on 2/13/2011
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    Yes Bubble sort is the least efficient algorithm available.
    However, for small data sets it doesnt matter much what sorting algorithm u use. And bubble sort does have a few good qualities. Apart from being the simplest and the easiest of the sorting algorithms it knows when the data set is already sorted(just a slight modification) making it ideal for sorted or nearly sorted data items(along with insertion sort).

    Posted by: Narendra     

    Contact Narendra Contact Narendra

    in bubble sort one has to compare 1 st element with the second,then second element with the third and son will be better to use bubble sort if number of elements to be sorted are few.

    Posted by: vikram    

    Contact vikram Contact vikram

    Bubble sort is an sorting algorithm, where every element in the unsorted list, is compared with every other element to make a sorted list. All these comparisons add up to the overall time complexity of the algorithm to be O(n) if n is the input size, which is really high compared to other popular algorithms.

    Posted by: dhritiman Hazarika    

    Contact dhritiman Hazarika Contact dhritiman Hazarika

    Bubble sort is a simple sorting algorithm.It works by repeatedly stepping through the list to be sorted, comparing each pair of adjacent items and swapping them if they are wrong order.The pass through the list is repeaed until no swaps are needed,which indicates the list is sorted.

    Posted by: tanniru vani    

    Contact tanniru vani Contact tanniru vani

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