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    Question :
    What is the difference between TCP and IP

    Posted by: Yogita on 8/18/2010

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    Category Networking Interview Questions
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    Added on 8/18/2010
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    The difference is that TCP is responsible for the data
    delivery of a packet and IP is responsible for the logical
    addressing. it is nothing but, IP obtains the address and TCP
    guarante delivery of data to that address.

    Posted by: karthikjaya    

    Contact karthikjaya Contact karthikjaya

    Tcp is responsible for the delivery of packets to destination but ip is only for provide communication between devices.

    Posted by: srikant kumar    

    Contact srikant  kumar Contact srikant kumar

    ip is connectionless and it splits the data into packets of any size and sends them to destination . nw each packet follow its own path reach the destination . when packets reached the destination then them receive in random order means first packet reached last and last go first here the real use of tcp ; tcp assigned the number to each packet so that them reached the destination in proper way , also it checks the error and detect them also checks packets replacation.

    Posted by: vinayak    

    Contact vinayak Contact vinayak

    The difference is that TCP is responsible for the data
    delivery of a packet and IP is responsible for the logical
    addressing. In other words, IP obtains the address and TCP
    guarantees delivery of data to that address.

    Posted by: suresh singh lodhi    

    Contact suresh singh lodhi Contact suresh singh lodhi

    Transmission contol protocol is the set of protocol which is responsible for the delivery of the data to the correct destination over the network and it is the connection oriented protocol. and IP is the set of rules which is used to communicate two host on the network or we can say that ip is the logical address of the particular machine of the network.

    Posted by: Subhash Chand     

    Contact Subhash Chand  Contact Subhash Chand

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