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    Question :
    What is Advance Technology Vessel?ATV

    A plate form for advance countries to come together
    A commercial ship developed by USA
    A nuclear powered submarine
    A super fast speed boat

    Category General Knowledge and Current Affairs 2010 Interview Questions
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    Added on 7/22/2010
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    A nuclear powered submarine

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    b)Andrew Carnegie
    c)John D. Rockefeller
    d)Thomas Elva Edison
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    c) Rupa & Co
    d)Imprint Books
    e)AH Wheeler & Co
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    b)Rituparno Ghosh
    c)Basu Chatterjee
    d)Subrata Sen
    e) Satyajit Ray
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    a)Sarah Waters
    b)JM Coetzee
    c)AS Byatt
    d) Nick Hornby
    e)Adam Foulds
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    The Caged Phoenix: Can India Fly?? is a recent book authored by which of the following authors?
    a)Amitabh Kant
    b)Shiv Shankar Menon
    c)Dipankar Gupta
    d)Jairam Ramesh
    e)Meghnad Desai
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