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    Question :
    one girl have a blind ,deaf,dump and she is boy love her .he want to propose her [with out toughching] how he will propose.

    Posted by: harish on 4/24/2010

    Contact harish Contact harish
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    Added on 4/24/2010
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    by doing stuff that she would feel that somebody likes her and she would appreciate. like giving her food, flowers, etc. eventhough she's blind, deaf, dump and uneducated i'm sure she has a heart that would know i'm a person that cares/loves for her.

    Posted by: pinkblisssavvy    

    Contact pinkblisssavvy Contact pinkblisssavvy

    every man she can feel of any things like flowers smell,voice,but every humanbing see only mannar& iknow she has blind,deaf, i m sureshe has heart that wold know person that cares/loves to her.

    Posted by: jawed    

    Contact jawed Contact jawed

    He can give a rose to her..

    Posted by: Rita Juliet    

    Contact Rita Juliet Contact Rita Juliet

    A noble said "Love is blind" but I think, he, who is in blind. In this situation if I were the boy, I would walk up to the lady with a shoothing, gentle fragance of flower..look at her with no words.. although she is deaf, dumb, blind or uneducated... she should have got a sharp sense of good smelt...and try to read her mind by observing her face..give her enough time to feel feel that somebody cares about her and one good sunny day... she will be bound to belive that she loves me.

    Posted by: Biswajit Biswas, Kolkata     

    Contact Biswajit Biswas, Kolkata Contact Biswajit Biswas, Kolkata

    by caring giving flower daily,by helping her if she is in create anything special that she touches that n touches her inner heart .makes her smile...n it may creat love feeling this way boy can propose her by not touching her..

    Posted by: preeti    

    Contact preeti Contact preeti

    If i were a boy in that situation i take her hand and kiss on it and i also give her a flower having deep fragrant so he surely come to know he loves me

    Posted by: tanzeel    

    Contact tanzeel Contact tanzeel

    i think i can propose to her by giving her flowers with sweet perfumes, her senses of smelling is still arise it is logically speaking that we are human beings we have feelings we have a heart.yes she's a disabled person but she's still human.right??

    Posted by: fen fen    

    Contact fen fen Contact fen fen

    if i were a boy in that situation ,i 'll tie a knot using thread in her neck.. thats it she s married and committed to me.Absolutely she would expect some1 to be with her always in all her difficulties and i will be such a she would accept me for sure ..

    Posted by: sathiya    

    Contact sathiya Contact sathiya

    no it is very normal my wife wtaned day and night she couldnt get enough we had a bouncing baby boy and really healthyright on the other question about what to do you have to make a oppointment at your GP and he will check you over do another test and then arrange for you to see the nurse and you get intpouch with your midwife doctor does all that for you so make your oppointment

    Posted by: Yayan    

    Contact Yayan Contact Yayan

    there is no answer

    Posted by: j.mounica    

    Contact j.mounica Contact j.mounica

    love is a feel which is felt in it doesn't matter whether she is blind ,deaf and dumb.if my love is true god will make her realise of my presence

    Posted by: shivani    

    Contact shivani Contact shivani

    If i were a boy i would remain as her eyes that could see good & evil & will lead her safely, i will remain as her ears that coul hear, & i will remain as her mouth by the way i will talk on her behalf as if i love that girl i know her thoughts & what she will talk.. by doing this i dont want to propose her she herself realise it soon..

    Posted by: Fathima    

    Contact Fathima Contact Fathima

    I guess the boy must be abnormal lol... why in the hell anyone like a girl with so many disabilities. Its quite impossible in today's real world.

    Posted by: Vijay    

    Contact Vijay Contact Vijay

    He can simply propose her. The question is asking to propose her,but not to make her reply

    Posted by: Neeraj    

    Contact Neeraj Contact Neeraj

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