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    Question :
    What are Dynamic Loading, Dynamic Linking and Overlays?
    Category Windows Programing Interview Questions
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    Added on 9/22/2009
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    Dynamic Loading:
    ► Routine is not loaded until it is called
    ► Better memory-space utilization; unused routine is never loaded.
    ► Useful when large amounts of code are needed to handle infrequently occurring cases.
    ► No special support from the operating system is required implemented through program design.
    Dynamic Linking:
    ► Linking postponed until execution time.
    ► Small piece of code, stub, used to locate the appropriate memory-resident library routine.
    ► Stub replaces itself with the address of the routine, and executes the routine.
    ► Operating system needed to check if routine is in processes? memory address.
    ► Dynamic linking is particularly useful for libraries.
    ► Keep in memory only those instructions and data that are needed at any given time.
    ► Needed when process is larger than amount of memory allocated to it.
    ► Implemented by user, no special support needed from operating system, programming design of overlay structure is complex.


    Posted by: Ali Adamu    

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