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    Question :
    Explain the depth of recursion?
    Category Algorithm Interview Questions
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    Added on 9/14/2009
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    This is another recursion procedure which is the number of times the procedure is called recursively in the process of enlarging a given argument or arguments. Usually this quantity is not obvious except in the case of extremely simple recursive functions, such as FACTORIAL (N), for which the depth is N.

    Recursion is the simplest method for using the same procedure number of times i.e it uses the for loop it repeats until condition true.depth of recursion function in Factorial(N) is N.

    Posted by: sharan    

    Contact sharan Contact sharan

    The depth of recursion basically depends on the arguments passed in the recursive calls and the no of recursive calls within the function.these recursive calls can be represented using a tree structure where the parent function call(with its own arguments ) have the recursive calls (with their own arguments)as the parents children..In this representation, the growth of the tree height with increase in N gives a bound on the depth of recursion.Also the total no of nodes will give you the depth for a particular 'n' value.

    Posted by: ramnath    

    Contact ramnath Contact ramnath

    It remains same depth at what depth the first recursion is called.. for example, at 5th depth if recursion is called then 5 will be its depth till recursion ends

    Posted by: anand.m.r.r    

    Contact anand.m.r.r Contact anand.m.r.r

    Recursion is the simplest method for using the same procedure number of times i.e it uses the for loop it repeats until condition true.depth of recursion function in Factorial(N) is N.

    Posted by: madne ashok manik    

    Contact madne ashok manik Contact madne ashok manik

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