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    Question :
    What are the various kinds of sorting techniques? Which is has best case?
    Category Data Structure Interview Questions
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    Added on 8/31/2009
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    Bubble sort,Quick sort,Insertion sort,Selection sort Merge sort,Heap sort Among the sorting algorithms quick sort is the best one

    can you differentiate above all sorting technique.And which type sorting will be more complex.list out the no of steps taken by the sorting technique by some basic examples.

    Posted by: sathish    

    Contact sathish Contact sathish

    heap sort is the best sorting technique bccoz its complexity in best case ,worst and avg case is of O(nlogn)

    in worst case quick sort the complexity in best case and avg case is of O(nlogn)
    and worst case O(n^2)

    Posted by: waqas afsar    

    Contact waqas afsar Contact waqas afsar

    quick,insertion selection,heap,merge,bubble.bubble is the best one because in this sorting the adjacent numbers are compared and then sorted.

    Posted by: vivek sharma    

    Contact vivek sharma Contact vivek sharma

    Radix Algorithm:It has O(n)as best and worst time complexities

    Posted by: grandhivenkatesh    

    Contact grandhivenkatesh Contact grandhivenkatesh

    The different kind of sorting methods like, Bubble sort,Insertion sort,selection sort,heap sort,Quick sort


    Posted by: nicku    

    Contact nicku Contact nicku

    Bubble sort, merge sort, quick sort,
    Heap sort, radix sort,selection sort, insertion sort, among all sorting quick sort is most efficient, because the time complexity is less comparison to other sorting.

    Posted by: dayanidhi jena    

    Contact dayanidhi jena Contact dayanidhi jena

    quick sort is best sorting technique.

    Posted by: venkat    

    Contact venkat Contact venkat

    bubble sort,heap sort,insertion sort,selection sort,quick sort are different types of sorting. quick sorting is the best technique.

    Posted by: faraz ahmad    

    Contact faraz ahmad Contact faraz ahmad

    quick sort is the best one because its complexity is
    o(n log n).

    Posted by: joji    

    Contact joji Contact joji

    Bucket sort is as well the sorting method.

    Posted by: vishakha agrawal    

    Contact vishakha agrawal Contact vishakha agrawal

    Quick sort is the best one.Because its time complexity is O(nlogn).

    Posted by: Revathi    

    Contact Revathi Contact Revathi

    Among all sorting techniques quick sort is the best. Because its time complexity is less and its best case can be calculated using o(n log n).

    Posted by: Akash    

    Contact Akash Contact Akash

    bubble sort,quick,heavy,insertion,merge,selection
    quick sort is best one

    Posted by: rethnaselvi    

    Contact rethnaselvi Contact rethnaselvi

    the trustworthiness of a sorting algorithm generally depends on the input and also its size;hence it is difficult to actually conclude which one would be the best.but according to literatures quick sort is considered to be the best

    Posted by: ks sujay    

    Contact ks sujay Contact ks sujay

    There are two type of sortings
    1.internal sort &
    2.External sort
    in this
    bubble sort,quick sort,insertion sort,Heap sort,merge sort,selection sort,bucket sort etc.....

    quick sort is the best one because its complexity is
    o(n log n).

    Posted by: Akash Banginwar    

    Contact Akash Banginwar Contact Akash Banginwar

    sorting techniques are heap,merge,radix(card,bucket),insertion,selection,quick,bubble.

    Posted by: pavithra    

    Contact pavithra Contact pavithra

    quick sort is best....

    Posted by: bindu    

    Contact bindu Contact bindu

    Bubble sort,Quick sort,Insertion sort,Selection sort Merge sort,Heap sort.

    which one is a best sorting it's depends upon of situation but mostly quick sort is the best sorting............

    Posted by: vivek cdac    

    Contact vivek cdac Contact vivek cdac

    heap sort is the best one among all sortings....
    because complexity in all cases are same..and take less no of traverses.

    Posted by: m.deepika    

    Contact m.deepika Contact m.deepika

    Bucket sort is great if you need to sort integers. Its complexity is O(n + (max-min)). If the number of integers is greater than the distance between the maximum and the minimum, you will get O(n) thus linear complexity. This property is proven using the maximum rule.

    Posted by: alex    

    Contact alex Contact alex

    quick sort is best one....

    Posted by: husen    

    Contact husen Contact husen

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