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    Question :
    What are your Salary Expectation ?
    Category Call Center Interview Questions Interview Questions
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    Added on 8/28/2009
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    As per your company norms. Do not ever say the exact figure say salary is not a concerned or my first preference.I totally accept the your organizational policy. I am here for my career not for salary oriented.

    As per your your company norms don't ever say exact figure say salary is not concerned or my first preference i totally expect your organization policy i am here for my career not for salary oriented.

    Posted by: rajkumar    

    Contact rajkumar Contact rajkumar

    Salary is not the main concern. I want to work with your esteemed company and want to make career in this organization so the Salary can be negotiated

    Posted by: Rajesh    

    Contact Rajesh Contact Rajesh

    As per my knowledge and qualification, in your organization the employee get the salary for this position, i will able to get that much salary

    Posted by: pushkaraj kondekar    

    Contact pushkaraj kondekar Contact pushkaraj kondekar

    As per your company rules n regulation ,because i heard about your company. There is career growth opportunity so i want to make my career in your company only

    Posted by: pradeep upadhyay    

    Contact pradeep upadhyay Contact pradeep upadhyay


    Posted by: Navdeep Kumar    

    Contact Navdeep Kumar Contact Navdeep Kumar

    Since i heard about your organization that there will be career growth and many chances to take better opportunities i am here to make my career & for me salary is not important.

    Posted by: leela    

    Contact leela Contact leela

    I am here to join the organization for the career in your company salary is not concern.

    Posted by: JOSEPHINE    


    Posted by: Packia    

    Contact Packia Contact Packia

    Posted by: Rajesh kumar    

    Contact Rajesh kumar Contact Rajesh kumar

    Posted by: karan    

    Contact karan Contact karan

    Posted by: 5yaz    

    Contact 5yaz Contact 5yaz

    Salary is not the main concern. I want to work with your esteemed company and want to make career in this organization so the Salary can be negotiated

    Posted by: shyam ji    

    Contact shyam ji Contact shyam ji

    I accept your organization policy. In my knowledge and qualification in your esteemed company, salary is not a concerned just negotiate.

    Posted by: sunil tiwari    

    Contact sunil tiwari Contact sunil tiwari

    I always true to my work so according my performance my salary depends on my performance..

    Posted by: Rajib Ranjan Singh    

    Contact Rajib Ranjan Singh Contact Rajib Ranjan Singh

    I am here to join the organization and for the career in your company salary is not concern, otherwise it is consider your best offer to me. I will get that much salary.

    Posted by: Ankit jha    

    Contact Ankit jha Contact Ankit jha

    Sir/ Mam, Thank u so much for giving me a chance for the interview , as far as salary part is concerned, being a fresher i am ok with the norms on salary set by the company , i only expect best in industry.

    Posted by: mukesh virmani    

    Contact mukesh virmani Contact mukesh virmani


    Posted by: JANAKI RAO    

    Contact JANAKI RAO Contact JANAKI RAO

    Thanks for giving opportunity to choose my salary.. but i cant tell exact figure.. I hope there is some policy for salary in this organization.. give as per organization policy

    Posted by: venkatesh    

    Contact venkatesh Contact venkatesh

    thanks for giving this opportunity to me but i do not have any salary expectation from you because salary depend on the person skills and knowledge because every company wants good skill person

    Posted by: harshit goyal    

    Contact harshit goyal Contact harshit goyal

    since i don't have any work experience i just want to be paid a salary that fairly compensates me for the contributions i can make for this company.

    Posted by: kriszia    

    Contact kriszia Contact kriszia

    salary is not give me name and frame i want my name so big so salary is not main point at that time in my life.

    Posted by: amit    

    Contact amit Contact amit

    As per your company norms. Do not ever say the exact figure say salary is not a concerned or my first preference. I totally accept your organizational policy. I am here for my career not for salary oriented..

    Posted by: Deviram    

    Contact Deviram Contact Deviram

    Always make a hike of salary of 50% than what u get.... in previous company.....

    Posted by: Ojil    

    Contact Ojil Contact Ojil

    As i am a fresher, i don't have any experience, so whatever salary your paying for this job i am happy.

    Posted by: md ebadul hoque    

    Contact md ebadul hoque Contact md ebadul hoque

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