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    Question :
    Where does the PHP session stored, either client side or server side?
    Category PHP Interview Questions
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    Added on 8/25/2009
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    It is stored at server side because PHP is server side scripting language

    It is stored at the server side but a cookie is stored at the client side that contains the session information. Every request sent by the client to the server has that particular cookie with it.

    Posted by: Bharat Shivram    

    Contact Bharat Shivram Contact Bharat Shivram

    Session is stored on server side because how much time page will execute it doesn't depend on client it depends on server. Server decide the session of each page ..thats why session is stored on server side

    Posted by: vinay singh    

    Contact vinay singh Contact vinay singh

    since php is a a server side scripting language the control of starting and ending session is on the server side

    Posted by: dheeraj joshi    

    Contact dheeraj joshi Contact dheeraj joshi

    Session is always stroe at server
    Cookies are always store at client side

    Posted by: Kishor B. Kale    

    Contact Kishor B. Kale Contact Kishor B. Kale

    Session is to store as the server side value
    method $_session start('id');
    and cookie is store the validation of client side

    Posted by: sachin    

    Contact sachin Contact sachin

    PHP session will always stored on server side because PHP is totally server side scripting.

    Posted by: vijayKumar    

    Contact vijayKumar Contact vijayKumar

    is is stored at client side because php is server side scripting language........

    Posted by: pankaj patel    

    Contact pankaj patel Contact pankaj patel

    PHP Session is definitely stored on server. Actually, when a server is serving web pages; it must know to whom it is serving. Because at the same time, multiple request can come to the server. Each request will have different query. How will the server ensure that for a specific query there must be a specific page to be sent to the client?

    So server keep a file with it. We can set the file path where the session is saved in php.ini. Each file has some specific name containing the Session ID as will. This session id is unqiue and will be kept on the server till it expires or destroyed.

    This session id saved on the client side as well. when it communicates with the server they can sync with each other that which client has request to whom server is to server pages.

    Posted by: Ankit Vishwakarma    

    Contact Ankit Vishwakarma Contact Ankit Vishwakarma

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