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    Question :
    What is exact difference between Debugging & Testing?

    Posted by: Priyanka on 9/5/2008

    Contact Priyanka Contact Priyanka
    Category Testing Interview Questions
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    Added on 9/5/2008
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    If a defect/error is found by developer side that is called Debug and the process is called Debugging and if any defect is found by tester side is called testing

    Posted by: gayatri    

    Contact gayatri Contact gayatri

    An Error is found by the developer.
    A defect is found by the tester.
    A bug is _ defect found by tester and accepted by the developer.

    Posted by: sushma kommineni    

    Contact sushma kommineni Contact sushma kommineni

    Testing is nothing but finding an error/problem and its done by testers where as debugging is nothing but finding the root cause for the error/problem and that is taken care by developers.

    Posted by: Mahesh    

    Contact Mahesh Contact Mahesh

    debugging- is removing the bug and is done by developer.

    testing - is identifying the bug and is done by tester.

    Posted by: aditi    

    Contact aditi Contact aditi

    Debugging is the consequence of successful testing.
    Debugging starts with the results from the execution of test cases.

    Posted by: Ravikanth Varma    

    Contact Ravikanth Varma Contact Ravikanth Varma

    Testing is nothing but finding an error/bug and its done by testers, where as debugging is nothing but finding the root cause for the error/bug and resolving them, that is taken care by developers.

    Posted by: sudharsan    

    Contact sudharsan Contact sudharsan

    debugging is a type of technique to find error in the application. Its a part of white box testing or unit testing.

    Posted by: devesh    

    Contact devesh Contact devesh

    Debugging is finding the error and report it with the intention of fixing it via developer, known as Debugging.

    However, Testing is the broader term which includes Static and Dynamic Testing.

    Posted by: Sufyan    

    Contact Sufyan Contact Sufyan

    testing is a process of executing a software with a intention of finding bugs. Ii is process of checking correctness ,completeness and quality of software wrt to customer requirements with an intention of finding bugs.
    debugging is a technique of fixing bugs.

    Posted by: ritika    

    Contact ritika Contact ritika

    Debugging is the process to finding the error or bugs during the software developing but testing is finding the error or bugs during the software testing and software execution

    Posted by: subhash dudhwal     

    Contact subhash dudhwal Contact subhash dudhwal

    Debugging done by Developers and Testing done by Testing team.Debugging is done to trace out where the error is occurring in order to resolve.Testing is done to find out errors.

    Posted by: Raj Kumar    

    Contact Raj Kumar Contact Raj Kumar

    different stages of software developement are
    first tester finds the bugs in the code and reports to developers
    then developer resolves the problem and fixes the bug called debugging

    Posted by: chinmayee    

    Contact chinmayee Contact chinmayee

    **Testing-process of making sure that the program performs the intended tasks.
    **debugging-process of finding and eliminating program errors.

    Posted by: humera    

    Contact humera Contact humera

    The software testing is the process of identifying the difference between expected results and actual result.

    Posted by: Priyanka mallik    

    Contact Priyanka  mallik Contact Priyanka mallik

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