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    Question :
    void main()
    int i=20;j=35,x,y;
    x= y++ + x++;
    y= ++y + ++x;
    printf(" %d %d" , x,y);
    /* please tell me the value of x and y at each and every moment. i dont need the answer but the explanation of the anamolus behavior of increment expression.*/

    Posted by: manish on 7/9/2008

    Contact manish Contact manish
    Category Languages Interview Questions
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    Added on 7/9/2008
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    x=1702 y=2560

    Posted by: logesh    

    Contact logesh Contact logesh

    First i explain how the incremental operator works
    Y++ means increase the value of y by one. the value of y is incremented by one after the first iteration.

    ++Y means the value of y is first incremented before iteration and value of y is incremented and then the expression evaluates.

    In the above expression the result is :

    No value is assigned for x & y so when we declare the variables without assigning the values default values may be present so based on that default values the incremental operator works.

    suppose the default values of x & y are 10 & 20 then the expression

    x=y++ + x++
    x=10+20; x=30

    y=++y + ++X
    y=11 + 21; y=32

    Posted by: sarathy C.R    

    Contact sarathy C.R Contact sarathy C.R

    x=y++ + x++
    x=10+20; this gives x=30 but x has been post incremented so calue of x becomes 31.

    y=++y + ++X
    y=21 + 32; y=53
    since x is pre-incremented so value of x becomes 32,and by the same reason y becomes 21 .

    Posted by: krishna    

    Contact krishna Contact krishna

    if we consider as increment of x & y are i & j increment then the value of x=55 & y=59.

    Posted by: md.sayeed    

    Contact md.sayeed Contact md.sayeed

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