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    Question :
    How to upload the customizing data using LSMW?
    Category SAP Interview Questions
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    Added on 6/20/2008
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    We can do like this by using the these steps.

    customizing starts from here.

    --> Maintain field mapping and conversion rules
    --> Maintain fixed values user-defined transalations, routines.
    --> Specify the files.
    --> Assign the files.
    --> Read data
    --> Read and display the data.
    --> Convert the data.
    --> display and convert the data.
    --> Create the Batch Input.
    --> Run the Batch Input

    Using Tcode MM01 -- Maintain the source fields are

    1) mara-amtnr char(18)

    2) mara-mbrsh char(1)

    3) mara-mtart char(4)

    4) makt-maktx char(40)

    5) mara-meins char(3)

    the flate file format is like this as follows

    MAT991,C,COUP,Srinivas material01,Kg

    MAT992,C,COUP,Srinivas material02,Kg

    AMT993,C,COUP,Srinivas material03,Kg

    MAT994,C,COUP,Srinivas material04,Kg

    MAT995,C,COUP,Srinivas material05,Kg

    goto Tcode LSMW

    give Project Name

    Subproject Name

    object Name

    Press Enter -


    Press Execute Button

    It gives 13 radio-Button Options

    do the following 13 steps as follows

    1) select radio-Button 1 and execute

    Maintain Object Attributes

    select Standard Batch/Direct Input

    give Object -- 0020

    Method -- 0000

    save & Come Back

    2) select radio-Button 2 and execute

    Maintain Source Structures

    select the source structure and got to click on create button

    give source structure name & Description

    save & Come Back

    3) select radio-Button 3 and execute

    Maintain Source Fields

    select the source structure and click on create button


    first field

    field name matnr

    Field Label material Number

    Field Length 18

    Field Type C

    Second field

    field name mbrsh

    Field Label Industrial Sector

    Field Length 1

    Field Type C

    Third field

    field name mtart

    Field Label material type

    Field Length 4

    Field Type C

    fourth field

    field name maktx

    Field Label material description

    Field Length 40

    Field Type C

    fifth field

    field name meins

    Field Label base unit of measurement

    Field Length 3

    Field Type C

    save & come back

    4) select radio-Button 4 and execute

    Maintain Structure Relations

    go to blue lines

    select first blue line and click on create relationship button

    select Second blue line and click on create relationship button

    select Third blue line and click on create relationship button

    save & come back

    5) select radio-Button 5 and execute

    Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

    Select the Tcode and click on Rule button there you will select constant

    and press continue button

    give Transaction Code : MM01 and press Enter

    after that

    1) select MATNR field click on Source filed(this is the field mapping) select MATNR and press Enter

    2) select MBRSH field click on Source filed(this is the field mapping) select MBRSH and press Enter

    3) select MTART field click on Source filed(this is the field mapping) select MTART and press Enter

    4) select MAKTX field click on Source filed(this is the field mapping) select MAKTX and press Enter

    5) select MEINS field click on Source filed(this is the field mapping) select MEINS and press Enter


    save & come back

    6) select radio-Button 6 and execute

    Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines

    Create FIXED VALUE Name & Description as MM01

    Create Translations Name & Description as MM01

    Create User-Defined Routines Name & Description as MM01

    after that delete all the above three just created in the 6th step


    Translations --MM01

    User-Defined Routines --MM01

    come back

    7) select radio-Button 7 and execute

    Specify Files

    select On the PC (Frontend) -- and click on Create button(f5)

    give the path of the file like "c:material_data.txt"

    description : -


    separators as select comma radiao- button

    and press enter save & come back

    8) select radio-Button 8 and execute

    Assign Files

    Save & come back

    9) select radio-Button 9 and execute

    Read Files


    come back

    come back

    10) select radio-Button 10 and execute

    Display Imported Data

    Execute and press enter

    come back

    Come back

    11) select radio-Button 11 and execute

    Convert Data


    come back

    Come back

    12) select radio-Button 12 and execute

    Display Converted Data

    Execute & come back

    13) select radio-Button 13 and execute

    Start Direct Input Program

    select the Program

    select continue button

    go with via physical file

    give the lock mode as 'E'

    and execute

    Posted by: priyanka    

    Contact priyanka Contact priyanka

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