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    Question :
    What is Zero-foot print?
    What are the other methods working as deployment functionality?

    Posted by: santosh.y on 5/19/2008

    Contact santosh.y Contact santosh.y
    Category Cognos Interview Questions
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    Added on 5/19/2008
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    Cognos offers Portal Services that allow organizations to easily manage and display Cognos business intelligence, planning, and scorecarding in your existing enterprise information portals. Including Cognos reports, analysis, dashboards, scorecards, and other capabilities drives higher returns in your information and portal investments.

    Cognos portals offer:

    Zero Footprint: Cognos portals have no footprint on the user's desktop. Anyone inside or outside the organization with a Web browser can access and interact with content.

    Intuitive User Interface: No special training is required to use the portal. Standard browser interface actions-such as following hypertext links, copying, and pasting-allow users to access and organize business intelligence content quickly and easily

    Posted by: vijaysimha reddy.N    

    Contact vijaysimha reddy.N Contact vijaysimha reddy.N

    Zero footprint means it takes up no space on the client PC. In this case, since most ReportNet applications are on the server, normal users do not require any additional software installed on their PC - they only need an internet browser, which they would normally have anyway.
    The only client application in the ReportNet suite is Framework Manager, which only the modellers will need

    Posted by: Anu    

    Contact Anu Contact Anu

    Zero Footprint: Cognos portals have no footprint on the user's desktop. Anyone inside or outside the organization with a Web browser can access and interact with content.

    Posted by: gops    

    Contact gops Contact gops

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