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    Question :
    How do u determine or evaluate success?
    In what ways you think you can contribute to our organisation?
    Why should we hire you over the others waiting to be interviewed?

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    Category Business Intelligence Interview Questions
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    Added on 9/12/2007
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    Success can be evaluated by the leadership qualities i.e.if a person is heading the staff of 10 people then if those 10 people are satisfied with their job & do whatever their leader ask them to do then there will be ultimate success waiting for that department/organization & that is the way that leader can contribute towards the success of the organization.

    Posted by: Raza    

    Contact Raza Contact Raza

    Success is moving towards your goal within stipulated time frames. As long as we are moving towards our goal and we are within time, we are successful at any moment.

    Posted by: Sumati    

    Contact Sumati Contact Sumati

    Success can be determined when each and every member in the organization working towards the objectives or goal of the company and it also depends upon how leader will able to deal with the complications faced by the firm.

    Posted by: MANJUNATH.S    


    Success is not just reaching your goal at the given time but also the ability to retain it continuously.

    Posted by: kamala murugan    

    Contact kamala murugan Contact kamala murugan

    In business: the ultimate goal is to secure a satisfied paying customer, while keeping expenses low. Achieving that goal is the measurement of success in business.

    Posted by: Sam Awad    

    Contact Sam Awad Contact Sam Awad

    Success can be measure by achieveing desire goal or task & was appriciated by our boss

    Posted by: sandeep    

    Contact sandeep Contact sandeep

    Success is the position, Which you achieve and fill Happy about your position. Success definition is always personal.

    Posted by: Yogesh Patkar    

    Contact Yogesh Patkar Contact Yogesh Patkar

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